Ten Best Mortgages in Spain (Large)

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Here you have a list with the best top ten rated Spanish mortgages. Following the trend of recent months, the traditional banking league the ranking of mortgages with lower interest rates, with eight entities. The remaining two companies are ‘online’. While the latter are not in top positions, according to the Mortgage comparator Bankimia.com…

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Spanish House Prices Increase

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The average price of second hand housing in Spain in July stood at € 1,643 / m2 and registered a monthly increase of 0.5%, according to Rightmove. As for the quarterly change in July, housing prices increased by 0.4% compared to March 2015.

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Mortgage and Borough in Spain

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Commercial Euro zone banks eased lending criteria on Spanish property and to businesses, according to the survey for the second quarter made by European Central Bank (ECB).

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Home Insurance in Spain

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This figure is mainly because, as stated by 32% of the insured, the bank forces loaners to have insurance. In addition, the average premium is at 250 euros, according to an analysis of Rastreator.com.

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White Villages in Spain

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Málaga & the Costa del Sol achieved a higher rental return than Barcelona and Madrid…

In 2014 to buy a house for rent in spain put it offered a gross return of 5.3% and above this figure are placed Lleida, with 7.2%, Las Palmas, with 5.9% and Huesca, with 5.7%, which are the most profitable cities, according to idealista report, one of the leading real estate portal in Spain. At the bottom of the table are placed Orense, with a yield of 3.3%, La Coruña, with 3.5% and San Sebastian, with 3.7%

Even so these figures are above the 1.4% return on Spanish 10-year bond, making housing investment one of the most profitable products today.

Between the Spanish capital, Lleida is what is most profitable, with 7.2%. followed Las Palmas (5.9%), Huesca (5.7%), Huelva (5.7%) and Palma de Mallorca (5.6%). Profitability in Madrid is 5.1%, slightly higher than in Barcelona (4.7%) and Málaga city and the Costa del Sol with an interesting (5.3%), leaving this city amongst the top ten on rental return.

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Cranes for Property Construction are back in Spain

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The Spanish property market is being treated with kid gloves. While the country is making strides in its recovery from recession, the whole property situation remains terribly fragile. But the improving confidence is getting through to experts, and according to a recent analysis, many believe there will be a considerable rebound in the coming months.

Prices have finally hit rock bottom, according to the report. Sales also soared by 8.8% in June compared with the same period last year. Lending also increased, up by 19% in June 2014 and a slight rise in prices was registered, seeing values increase by 1% in the second quarter of 2014, the first quarterly rise for six years.

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Smart Xcape Real Estate Puerto Banus Marbella

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Smart Homes & Xcape to the Sun Join Forces in Puerto Banus – Marbella

We are happy to announce that Smart Homes has joined forces with Xcape to the Sun, and will now be known as Smart Xcape.

Xcape to the Sun has been an established real estate agency in Marbella for many years offering an excellent service on luxury Spanish property and overseas homes and investments.

Alongside Smart Homes solid reputation, the new direction not only makes us more prestigious in the property market, but also brings many new exciting opportunities.

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Golden Schengen Visa Spain

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Russian, Chinese, Indian & Iranian Business People are showing their intentions…

The Spanish Golden Visa has become for many foreign entrepreneur and business people, as the “Golden Ticket” to get their foot into Spain & Europe. Since the Government is “selling” the right to reside in Spain in exchange for one million shares, deposit in a bank or the purchase of a 500.000€ worth of property.

The government raised from 250,000 to 500,000 Euros worth of investment in housing to facilitate residence to a foreign investor

Besides buying property and debt, investors may stay in Spain if they buy one million shares

Placing a million in a financial institution also entail visa

Spain needs investors and money to move forward the economy. To attract investments, the Spanish Government has decided to expand the possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in Spain. In return, though, a significant investment . Read more »

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The Spanish Property Market is on the Recovery

Sabadell bank has sold in the first six months of 2013, 7,747 homes, 56% higher than the same period last year. The company says it has raised the price of 12 developments between January and June. A big percentage of the property sold was in Valencia, with 15% increase over the initial price. Another thing to note is that 70% of sales are made without any Spanish funding.

Sabadell banks real estate division, said that since last May 1st, when you publish a property on the web and during the first five days, two or more clients have bid for the advertised price and they are called to an auction before a notary, indicating that 13% of home sales was notarized via auction and the sale price through this medium rose by 18.3% on average. Read more »

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Golden Rule! Dont Wait to Buy Real Estate – Buy Real Estate and Wait…

Residential property prices in Spain rose 1.15% in the third quarter of 2014 compared to the same period last year, according to the latest index published by the Property Registrars.

That is the first time this index has edged clearly into positive territory since the Spanish housing bubble burst, and according to real estate experts, it means the market could be turning.

On a quarterly basis prices were basically stable, with a decline of just 0.08% between June and September and the peak to present fall in house prices is 32.4% according the Registrars figures. It says that these figures paint a picture of stable house prices. The registered number of homes sold also shows a favourable evolution with transactions up 1.4% to 79,561 sales in the third quarter compared to the second. The market bottomed out with 72,560 sales in the fourth quarter of 2013. The improvement was driven by resale properties with 52,127 sales, practically double those of new builds at 27,434. Resale transactions were up 4,268 on the second quarter, meaning a quarterly rise of 8.92%, against a fall of 10.36% in new builds.

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Fuel has Decrease its Price in Spain at the Lowest since 2010

The price of diesel and petrol has become cheaper in the last week and is already at its lowest not seen since 2010. Its a good opportunity to fill up and save, even a few euros, before it goes up again more expensive.

Even at this low price scenario, it is possible to find significant differences between the most expensive and the cheapest petrol stations in the same locality; so choosing well can help you to pay less. In the case of Malaga capital, and applied to 95 octane gasoline, a date of Friday, December 12, and the official data of the Ministry of Industry, the cheapest was in two stations, both Repsol: the Avenue de Velázquez, 208; and the Lumiere Brothers. In both cases the marked price was 1,219 Euros per liter.

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Seven markets provide 72 percent of international stays in Andalucia grow above the national average

The Minister for Tourism and Trade Board, Rafael Rodriguez, yesterday presented the first report tourists made of to the region and concluded that Andalucía win market share with the seven international markets , which account for 72% of the overnight stays. Rodriguez said an average growth exceeding the national average and amounted to 6.3% recorded last year .

The Minister justified the preparation of this report , prepared by experts from the Ministry, to transform something that you have to know well and that the objective is to strengthen the destination to continue competing knowing the key demand of each country. ” To move forward it is important to know the characteristics of the market and draw conclusions for further holding . The study confirms a good position, but away from complacency , warns that we have a long way to go to establish Andalusia in these markets. We have not reached our ceiling. With this report we want to know the nuances of each of the markets” he said.

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