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Marbella Town Hall to give up 11 Million Euros, due to the cancellation of land-use planning in Marbella (PGOU). This situation has caused considerable economic loss in the municipal coffers. As a result of the rulings in November last year left on paper wet urban standard approved in 2010, the Marbella Town Hall has been forced to waive payment of that amount reflected in settlements that had already been recorded and have now had to be annulled.

This is a total of eleven cases of regularization of property had been opened covered in the General Plan. These procedures, open at the request of the Consistory itself, had resulted in the liquidation of claims on behalf of the Marbella Town Hall they failed to be collected and which have now disappeared.

In all cases the governing board of the City Council had to approve decrees that those rights are canceled due to the impossibility to continue the standardization process.

As a result of the interruption of the process, also the affected properties are not regularized and outside the urban norm. Only they have been out of this situation regularization processes that were completely finalized before the Supreme annul the General Plan.

One of the most important records is affecting the field of regularization of Arroyo Guadalpín and which had liquidated the collection of 2.2 million euros on behalf of the Promotions Real Estate Monteparaíso entity.

They have also been affected Martinsa-Fadesa construction in the area of ​​Guadalmina for regularization whose rights had been generated for the City by 2.7 million euros that can not enter the Marbella Townhall coffers.

Property in Los Monteros, Marbella

Another property regularization process which has been truncated is in the Reserve de los Monteros, for which had been settled in favor of the municipal coffers 1.8 million euros to be paid by the developer Jardines del Tormes.

The request made to Marina Mariola, which had been urged to pay 1.2 million to the City Council, and the real estate group FGR also has no effect, for 878,000 euros.

It is also without effect of Industrial Buildings The Medranas, which will no longer pay 220,000 euros to the City Council,

All standardization processes affected by this situation began on May 14, 2013, when the governing board of the City Council ordered the Delegation of Urbanism the start of the procedures necessary to proceed prior warning, to enforcement of duties that conditioned the normalization.

This order remained without effect after the Supreme annul the PGOU that gave legal support to the process of regularization.

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