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Agent Network

At Smart Xcape, we list hundreds of properties on regular basis and do you want to know why? Because we are located on the BEST spot of the entire Costa del Sol and the walking trade we have in front of our shop, which NO ONE ELSE has…

On top of this, our goal was to create a platform which allowed real estate agents to network together in a safe, professional and easy environment. Through our platform, we communicate and promote your property on a weekly basis with hundreds of individual agents and companies on the Costa del Sol, with powerful sharing facilities, our network of professionals can have all or some of our properties listings and promote them on their website and their office using their own branding. Also, they are able to email our properties with their own logo or print them to place them on their shop window.

Once we listed your property, we immediately inform all our members through a mailing system that delivers your property directly into the mailbox of all the estate agents we are working with. We also upload the property onto various smart multi-listing services, where the agents can view it and show it to their clients in their own offices or through their own marketing tools.

Vendors want to have their property presented to every single buyer and that's exactly what our agent network does and delivers on. We know how to make this work to the best advantage for both the property owners that want to sell and the property buyers.

We collaborate and promote your properties with real estate professionals, meaning companies that have years of knowledge in this market with real premises and we use our 30 years of experience to support all of our Vendors.

If you’d like to have your property in front of every single buyer that visits the Southern part of Spain, contact us today...